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Computer Purchasing

Standard Laptop & Desktop Configurations

HP 6560b Standard Notebook (PDF)

HP Elite Mobile Workstation (PDF)

HP Z210 Single Workstation (PDF)

HP Z210 Lab Workstation (PDF)

Purchasing Computer Equipment or Software

CSU utilizes state-mandated contracts (link) and all technology purchases require approvalfrom the UITS CIO and/or appointed representative.

UITS negotiates with pre-qualified vendors under the state-mandated guidelines to obtain competitive prices establishing a "standard" for desktops, laptops, printers, or associated technology that meets the computing needs of faculty, staff, and students.

Items not available from vendors on state contract may be purchased from another source on the condition that CSU's Purchasing Department and UITS work with the buyer to ensure all off-contract requirements are met.

UITS approval for technology-related purchases ensures:

  • New technology is compatible with the network environment
  • New technology adheres to the institution's technology plan
  • Initial and recurring costs are considered
  • Manufacturers' warranties are appropriate
  • UITS has the resources to support the purchased technology

Equipment or software purchases without approval may receive limited or no support.

Requisition procedure for Price Quote:

1. Submit oneeQuestper each quote device - computer, printer, scanner (see instructions below)

2. UITS staff researches to obtain the best solution and price and submits to state approved vendors

3. UITS emails you the best quote along with a CSU "Purchase Request" form.
The quote is good for30 days.

4. The requesting department is responsible for obtaining the following information and sending the paperwork to Business Services.

  • Department account numbers for purchase
  • UITS CIO approval
  • Signature of appropriate department official

5. Business Services will not process a Purchase Request without UITS approval.

Instructions for Submitting an eQuest for a Price Quote (One quote per each device):

  • Open eQuest - Select workspace for UITS - New Request
  • Summary: type Price Quote
  • I Need Service: choose Price Quotes and appropriate Type and Purpose for Quote:
  • Description: fill in the details for the item you need
  • Save

Information you should know before submitting your request:

  • You will receive a quote for "standard" equipment unless you have specialized requirements. Non-standard equipment can be very expensive.


  • Do you prefer a desktop or a laptop?
  • Is the equipment for an office or a computer lab? How many?
  • What is your price range?


  • Is the printer for an office or lab?
  • Is the printer going to be shared (networked)?
  • If request is for a shared network printer, how many users do you expect to print to the printer?
    • Do you need color or black-and-white?
    • Do you need double-sided printing?
    • What is your price range?


  • What is the purpose of the software?
  • How many people will use the software?
  • How many at one time?
  • Where will the software be installed? (office only, computer lab only, office and lab)
  • What is the computer's operating system? (PC or Mac?)
  • When do you need the software?

Experienced UITS technicians are happy to consult with you to determine your needs and find the best solution at the best price.

Delivery and Installation

1. Software and equipment is delivered to the warehouse. Some software is obtained directly from the vendor website by UITS personnel.

2. Warehouse and UITS personnel check the equipment against the purchase order to ensure the equipment has been delivered as ordered.

3. Equipment and software are recorded in UITS' inventory database (and CSU's database if the value exceeds $3500).

4. UITS will submit an eQuest for installation on behalf of the buyer and remind the buyer to submit their PO Completion Copy to Business Services.

5. UITS will prepare office computers with CSU's standard software prior to delivery and setup in the buyer's office. UITS will transfer data and licensed software from an existing computer, if there is one.

6. Do notask the warehouse to deliver equipment straight to you. This will only result in delays and inventory misinformation.

For more information, see Computer Equipment Installations Policy