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University Information and Technology Services

Procurement FAQs

  • Anna Brooks located in the Business & Finance Office
  • IT NIGP code needs to be used for IT purchases

When entering into ePro, all requisitions must match the quote. However, you may request an adjustment to a quote from UITS.

Some quotes expire within 30 days or at the end of the month

Most quotes expire after 30 days unless specifically noted on the quote.

A purchase from a quote needs to be entered into ePro at least 5 days before the quote expires or it will be pushed back to the department to get a new quote. The 5 days are needed for ePro processing time.

Once UITS "receives" the items in ePro, UITS will collaborate with the respective department to create an equest for installation with the following information:

  • Location for install
  • Who is the user
  • PO Number
  • What device is being installed
  • Any special instructions

UITS will pick up the older equipment. If that equipment needs to be installed into another location, an eQuest needs to be submitted for that install.

Purchasing more than five (5) computers will be made into a "project". UITS will receive all equipment from the warehouse

UITS will collaborate with the respective department for installation after the equipment is "received" in ePro by UITS

So the technology equipment can be replaced if it fails or breaks within the warranty period.

UITS will take responsibility.

Estimated prices for for the following products are listed on the UITS website:

Technology Cost Estimates

  • HP desktop
  • HP laptop
  • Tablet
  • Apple laptop
  • iPad
  • Peripherals
  • Software: Adobe Tiers, other