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CougarWaveOpen - WifiUITS provides an unencrypted, easy-to-use wireless network named CougarWaveOpen. CougarWaveOpen allows our customers to connect to the network using wireless-enabled devices without requiring any wireless software installation, Authentication is required via a web based login with your CougarNet username and password.

How to Connect:

To connect to CougarWaveOpen, simply choose it from your list of visible wireless networks (in most cases, this happens automatically). The first time you attempt to surf the web after connecting, you will be redirected to a login page. At this login page, enter your CougarNet username and password (username in the form of "lastname_firstname"). If you have forgotten your CougarNet password, or have trouble logging in, please visit the UITS Helpdesk on the first floor of Center for Commerce and Technology, room 125.


While CougarWaveOpen wireless network is less secure than CougarWaveSecure, it does provide some level of security in that it requires a valid username and password before access is granted. In addition, the lack of encryption in CougarWaveOpen means that you should ensure that web sites containing personal and/or sensitive information have encryption enabled. You can verify that a web site has encryption enabled by looking for the "padlock" symbol in the lower right corner of your browser window.

CSU Wireless Network Policy