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Special Request Form Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You must call Francine Rizzo. The IT NIGP code needs to be used for IT purchases.
When entering into ePro, all requisitions must match the quote. However, you may request an adjustment to the quote.
Most quotes expire after 30 days unless specifically noted on the quote. Some quotes expire within 30 days or at the end of the month. A purchase from a quote needs to be entered into ePro at least five days before the quote expires or it will be pushed back to the department to get a new quote. Five days is the ePro processing time.
Over five computer setups determines a project, and the warehouse will deliver to UITS. Only after the department ‘receives’ the items in ePro will UITS collaborate with the department for installation.
A warranty is needed so the equipment can be replaced if broken within the warranty time.
An eQuest (one eQuest per install) will have to be entered for UITS to install to the specific location, etc. Depending on the equipment, UITS will install at the location or will have to get equipment back to CCT for setup.
Yes, an eQuest with Support Services will have to be entered for the move.
Once the department ‘receives’ the items in ePro, the department creates an equest for installation with the following information:
  • Location for install
  • Who the user is
  • PO number
  • What device is being install
  • Any special instructions
UITS will pick up the older equipment. If that equipment needs to be installed into another location, an eQuest needs to be submitted for that install.
UITS will take responsibility for unopened boxes. Departments will take responsibility for opened boxes.
  • HP desktops
  • HP laptops
  • Tablets
  • Apple laptops
  • iPads
  • Peripherals
  • Software: Adobe Tiers, other