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Welcome to our new CSU students and faculty, and welcome back to all of those returning. If you need assistance with your technology needs, see the links below, or call our Help Desk at 706-507-8199. It's a great time to be a CSU Cougar!

Help Desk


Providing industry leading technology assistance to every student, faculty, and staff member.

Phone: 706-507-8199
Facebook: CSU HelpDesk
Twitter: CSUHelpDesk



HelpDesk IT/Tech Days

August 15th-16th -- Main Campus
August 17th -- RiverPark Campus 
August 18th -- Vender Days on Main Campus

Georgia Summit 
September 14th-16th 

Rock Eagle Conference
October 12th-14th 

Center for Commerce and Technology

Our Location

Columbus State University Information & Technology Services (UITS), is located on the lower level of the Center for Commerce and Technology (CCT) building, with some offices also located in the lower level of University Hall.  Within the Center for Commerce and Technology building location are the administrative offices, Desktop services, Classroom Technology Support, Enterprise Application Development, Student Repair Shop and the Help Desk.   Enrollment Services Technology Services and Information Security is located in the lower level of University Hall.

Featured Software

Argos logo

Argos delivers a user-friendly reporting tool that is easy to implement and manage. It has the ability to create CSVs, PDFs, and dashboards using simple ad hoc queries to graphically illustrate reporting at a glance for end users.

Our Goals

Provide a best-in-class technology platform and information-based services.

  • Upgrade, improve and maintain wireless communication access across campuses to all systems and software application services.
  • Promote operational excellence, develop business intelligence and apply innovative business practices through the use of technology.
  • Identify partnerships/alliances with world-class technology enterprises to support technology requirements and advancements.
  • Maintain, support, and secure dynamic websites that effectively serves online visitors and constituents to support campus operations and academic performance.
  • Inspire faculty & staff to use leading-edge technology to support learning engagement in classrooms and online experience.
  • Maintain and support university IT infrastructure platform for a secure and dynamic information system enterprise.
  • Promote the libraries to be the premier information resource center for the CSU community (student, faculty, and staff)
  • Promote entrepreneurial climate for marketing innovative technology created for the use by Columbus State University, to other institutions and /or commercial entities
  • Investing in our employees with training, development, education, and financial rewards that inspires increased productivity, knowledge, loyalty, and contribution to the CSU community