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Abraham George

Vice President of Information Technology/CIO

Columbus State University
Columbus, Georgia


Abraham George is in his sixth year of service as the Chief Information Officer at Columbus State University, Columbus, Georgia. Prior to his appointment as the CIO, Mr. George served as the Executive Director of Computer Information and Networking Services of Columbus State University for four years. Abraham led the strategic initiatives in the development of technology and information system management at Columbus State. Abraham has over 25 years of experience in Information Technology and systems management. His recent technology initiatives include business process assessment to improve performance and efficiency in student customer services for the Enrollment Management division, development of business intelligence (Dashboards) in the areas of admissions, financial aid, learning management systems, has led a successful 100% wireless campus networking project, in 2009 he led the development of rubric design and implementation for online and hybrid courses to enable faculty with the creation of fully online courses that resulted in the launch of sixteen degree programs online. His professional training programs include Leadership development on shared governance at Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, Institute of Educational Management at Harvard University Graduate School of Education, Supercomputing training at University of Pittsburgh, Executive Leadership Institute at University System of Georgia and Computer policy leadership at Cornell University. Prior to joining Columbus State University, he was the Director of Networking Services and Academic Computing at Tuskegee University, Alabama. His professional affiliations include Association of Computing Machinery (ACM), Association for Colleges and Universities Technology Advancement (ACUTA), Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and Educause. Mr. George also served as the chair of the USG CIO Council leadership development committee, serves on the client advisory board of Ad Astra, serves as an assistant scout master in BSA (Boy Scouts of America), served as the Vice president and President of the board of St. Joseph Catholic School from 1998-2004, is a member of the President’s Staff, is a member of University Cabinet and served as the member of Chancellor's Advisory Council for Shared Services. Most recently he led the launch of IT Innovation Center at Columbus State University. Abraham holds a BS and an MS degree in Electrical Engineering from Kerala University, India and Tuskegee University, USA respectively.

UITS 2014 Staff Training and Development Plan

Personal Training and Development Plan (PTDP) has been in place since 2013. It has become part of each employee’s yearly evaluation and thus each staff member of UITS has to complete their training plan each year in discussion with their manager. The purpose is to guide each staff member to plan ahead for their professional development that is for next year as well as helping UITS in forecasting budget for staff development. Through project management principles and best practices, UITS staff members were guided by project charters and project teams. Each project was led by staff member. Social engagement complimented the team building within UITS staff members for more effective leadership and project success.

Throughout 2014 the University Information Technology Services team was engaged in many areas of professional development, to include receiving many awards and completing certification classes. With 55+ staff members involved with process improvement and training, UITS has encouraged and promoted professional growth of all staff members. UITS staff members attended 29 USG led training and development sessions, national conferences, 115+ webinars, and 12 CSU Lunch-N-Learn sessions while presenting at 2 sessions. Staff completed and received 15 technical certifications, attended 112 on campus training sessions and 23 off campus training sessions.

As part of the UITS Strategic Planning process FY16-FY18, all team members participated in a SWOT analysis and PeopleMap ‘management training’. The training resulted in the development of 4 SWOT task force teams and the final strategic plan for 2016-2018.

Fifteen UITS staff members participated in the USG IT Mentorship Leadership Program. The participants included pairing up with 29 Mentors and Protégé pairs from across the USG institutions. As we move into 2015, UITS will continue to encourage staff members the opportunities to seek out professional development to increase their knowledge base and to keep current with technology and innovative services. I’m pleased to state that 100% of UITS has participated in at least one professional development conference or training. These staff development initiatives has helped the team improve technical skills, soft skills and morale throughout our department as well increased satisfaction that they are contributing to the growth and success of CSU. Our participation at the USG and national level has put CSU on the map as a leading institution in technology and innovation.

UITS Departmental Accomplishments 2014


  • Conferences - 29 Multiple Attendees
  • Webinars - 115+ Multiple Attendees
  • Lunch-n-Learn - 12 Multiple Attendees
  • Certifications - 15
  • On Campus Training - 112
  • Off Campus Training - 23

UITS Social Activities included:

  • Chili Cook off
  • Movie Day
  • Holiday Party in December
  • Quarterly Birthday Recognitions with Cake/Refreshments
  • Monthly Anniversary Recognitions
  • Quarterly Peer Recognition of 2 UITS Employees
  • Staff Appreciation Breakfast – Quarterly
  • Staff Appreciation Lunches – Departmental and Area

Conferences and Training:

  • People Map Leadership & Management Session – 100% participation
  • Lean Six Sigma – 7 Staff Yellow Belt, 1 Staff Green Belt
  • Rock Eagle Presentations by over 13 UITS Staff Members
    Attended by 23 UITS Staff Members
  • Georgia Summit – 2 Presented, 8 Staff Attended
  • TAP: Many use TAP in the department, currently have 8 enrolled/enrolling for Summer 2015
  • UITS CERT Team Members: 7

Awards and Certifications:

  • TAG Award for Business Intelligence and Analytic Team
  • Chancellor’s Annual Service Excellence Award:
    Gold - Infrastructure & Telephone Cost Control Team
    Bronze – CSU Student Computer Repair Shop
  • 2014 Faculty/Staff Appreciation Award – Derek Olson
  • Repair Shop Master Technician III Specialist Certification – Andrew Turner

UITS Mentorship Program Participation:

  • 29 mentor/protégé pairs with 15 UITS staff members
  • 35 external to EITS and 22 external to UGA

Customer Support:

  • Speed Tech Sessions: 165
  • eQuest: Resolved over 12,000 requests
  • Help Desk: Assisted with over 16,000 inquiries taken at the Help Desk

UITS Representation at the following events:

  • Legacy Banquet
  • Diversity Conference
  • Jim Blanchard Leadership Forum
  • CSU Day of Service
  • Student/Parent Orientation Days
  • CSU Move in Day
  • USG Chancellor’s Golf Tournament